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  jobs for junior talents.

111 paid jobs waiting for a match like you.


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Save time! All you have to do is upload your CV & record a video.


#1 Upload your CV

Just send us your CV and our experts will highlight the best of your background.

#2 Present yourself

Record a video presenting yourself: will increase your chances by +50%. (Don’t worry, it’s confidential).

#3 Receive feedback

Within 48 hours our experts will provide you an opinion about your profile. You will be able to improve and increase - even more - your chances.

#4 Make it to the top talent

Every 2 weeks our experts prepares an exclusive list with the most appropriate candidates regarding the vacancies available at the moment. This exclusive list is sent to HR managers, who will look at you profile.

#5 Get hired!

Matched! Unono will help you to sign a contract and prepare this new adventure for you.

Our methodology is trusted by 50+ companies offering high-quality jobs, such as:

Together we are stronger

Recognition & Programs

At Unonojobs we truly believe on action.

It does not matter how long you have been on earth.

It does matter how much you have done and how much you want to do.

We are like you. Young and active.

And that's why we are recognized and supported by some of the best:

It's your time.

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