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jobs for young talents.

Instead of applying for multiple jobs, why not apply only once and let us do the rest?

We connect talents like you to 157 paid jobs 💶 waiting for a match.

No worries, it’s free! 😎

How it works


#1 Let us know about you

Complete a short survey so we can get to know & understand you better.


#2 Be mentored

When we match a current vacancy with your profile, Unono will guide you in order to increase your chances of being interviewed by the company.


#3 Go to interviews

If selected to the interviews, Unono will also help you to get prepared for it. In other words, they will give you tips about the company and what exactly they are looking for.


#4 Get hired!

After the company decides that you are the talent they are looking for, Unono arranges all the bureaucratic part so you don’t need to. The company pay us for the talent, and that’s why we are able to provide all this service for free for you.

Our methodology is trusted by some of the world's best companies, such as:



Wait! Where can I see the job openings?



Back in time. Precisely? On the newspapers!


We do different 💪

We analyse your CV to understand you and your potential capabilities🕵... Then, we match you with job openings that fit you🎯

Saves time… Ours, and yours!

Frequently asked questions

You can’t, my dear 😬 At Unono we work differently. Instead of letting you apply to hundreds of job openings, we only ask your information once. Then, when we find a potential match between you and a decent company, we’ll let you know 👌

Zero! Come on, we were students too! Do you believe we would charge you? We know you are broke! 😁 Seriously, absolutely nothing will be charged. The one who pays the bill here is the hiring company. Once we find you a job, the company pays us for having finding you. They win. We win. You win.

Of course you can. However, from our experience, candidates who uploaded a video presenting themselves stand out from the crowd 🏆. Anyway, you can register now and upload your video later if you prefer 🎬

Definitely 👍 We currently have companies in Spain, Portugal and Switzerland looking for talent everywhere. If you match their requirements, why not? ✈️ Don't forget to come back often, we'll be opening more countries soon.

You rock! 🤘 We will be in touch with you throughout the whole process. When a company shows interest, we contact you and present their intentions. If it fits what you’re looking for, we move forward. If not, we - together - try to adapt till both sides, you and the company, are happy with the deal. It’s called business, baby 😅

Sure. Just hit “Edit my profile” on the top menu and voilá

Great question. We are focused on helping the best talent finding a job. We adapt to the necessities of our companies: from paid internships to mid-level job opportunities, in a variety of areas 😎

Still in doubt? We are here to help 😉